THE RISE OF AN EMPIRE: Renegade Promotions Entertainment & Distribution

THE RISE OF AN EMPIRE: Renegade Promotions Entertainment & Distribution

THE RISE OF AN EMPIRE: Renegade Promotions Entertainment & Distribution


This promotion company started as an outlet for independent artists to get showcases, press coverage, and music promotion for FREE through the platform. If they did not have the resources available themselves, we would pick up the slack.

Renegade Promotions Entertainment & Distribution was founded by Anthony Banks in 2018. You probably met him on the beach or somewhere near Santa Monica promoting independent artists, and #MADEMONDAYS showcases at “CRAZY GIRLS” with a CD & autograph.

I have handed out over 15,000 of those CDs at the beach. I am getting anywhere from $1 – $20 for each one that I sold. Most of them I would give away in exchange for a follow on Instagram. Who knows how many people actually have my autographed mixtape sitting in their house or car stereo. I dont even make music so the autograph was a joke at first but then it turned into a thing LOL. You know, Hollywood shi..

– Anthony Banks


We focus on Artist development. We give artists the opportunity to come perform & get paid for it, something that is not common for “up & coming” artists. When working with all of these artists we volunteered to take care of the hard parts at no cost.



We need to generate funds to open up a creative studio for local artists. This studio will have plenty of space for all kinds of creative outlets like music, photography, film, & fashion. We want it to be a place where people can come together and practice team building projects. Their maybe someone who wants to try music or photography for the first time & if they do not have a professional place to work, we will have free days of operation where people can come use the different studios inside to work on their crafts.

Status: Active Property Type: Industrial For Sale (also listed as Office)
Industrial Type: Flex Space,
Gross Building Area: 24,624 SF
Sale Price: $145,000
Office space SF: 12,000

We have plenty of space in this building to create up to 8 recording studios. We would renovate the (office) space into 6 small single recording studios that could fit a small team of 5 people. The other 2 additional studios will take up the larger (office) space, those will have larger lobby space for more guests(Mostly for larger bands).

Since we started in January 2018 we have worked with over 1,000 different musicians, you can check out most of them on our music streaming page by clicking HERE.

We are heading into 2020, as an independent business, we are dealing with unfortunate financial shortages that is slowing down our production & we wanted to ask you for help to keep going.

We have too many people finding us now & they want to use our free services but we cannot keep up with the work. We want to keep this platform free, and open to everyone. We just need some strong supporters that can give us a kickstart into 2020.

Big thank you to all of the people that understand how complex this platform has become, and thanks to anyone that witnessed the process of building this empire with limited resources first hand. You have watched Anthony Banks on the come up from the bottom to the top by helping others succeed first in the music industry.

We are raising donations to keep renegade promotions going, If you cannot donate, but you already made it this far, please use the social media share buttons at the bottom to support.


Thanks to everyone for being a part of this with us!


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