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The Ferrari 458 Italia has garnered more than 30 international awards since its time of release. Any car enthusiest would delight in this instrument for pure speed with its 4497cc V8 engine. In the United States this car was given the award of “World performance car of the year and it also topped the rankings of New York Times. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ferrari 458 Italia has scooped the “Super Car of the Year” award and the “Car of the year” award by the BBC Top Gear Magazine. Being one of the most coveted machines of the world, driving the Ferrari 458 italia can be a dream comes true for many Americans even if it is just for a day. Pulling up a Ferrari 458 Italia in front of a chic restaurant, nightclub, casino or any other happening location can be a dream event for many of us.

This absolute stunner is bound to thrill any car connoisseur and regardless of the event you want to celebrate you can always choose to rent a 458 italia and make sure to turn a few heads as you drive along.This car can hit a speed of 60mph in just 3.4 seconds and carries on to the maximum speed of 202mph.

One of the most exquisitely designed machine for speed, the Ferrari 458 Italia is sure to take you to an entirely different level of the thrills of speed. We are one of the most prominent luxury car rental agencies in the United States which has been helping people to indulge in the luxury of award winning car models at the best market rate.

The cost to rent a Ferrari 458 Italia

The price to rent a Ferrari 458 Italia can range from city to city but the average cost is $1300 per day. You are also required to leave a security deposit on the day of the rental.