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The car is powered by Ferrari’s highest performance engine to date. The 3.9-liter engine is also equipped with a turbo that creates a seductive sound when you drive around in this prancing pony.  The V8’s sound continues to get louder as you step on the gas pedal and take advantage of the 661 hp. The 488 GTB goes from 0-62 mph in just 3 seconds flat. This beautiful Ferrari delivers power to the wheels with a smooth and responsive 7-speed dual clutch transmission. It is even quicker than the one found in the 458 Italia. The car can accelerate to a top speed of 201 mph although we don’t recommend driving that fast.

Since the 308 GTB was released 40 years ago Ferrari had not made another exotic car with a mid-rear-engine V8. Rent Ferrari 488 GTB, and experience the newest Prancing Pony to join the lineup of an already beautiful selection of Exotic cars. The new Ferrari 488 does not only deliver unrivaled performance, it also allows anyone to handle it’s extreme power with relative ease, even by less experienced drivers. It delivers pure driving pleasure when you get behind the wheel.

The 488 GTB’s interior has an extremely sporty feel without having to sacrifice the driver and passengers comfort. The cockpit is tailored to the driver’s needs you will find most of the important settings placed right on the steering wheel. The Drive, Neutral, and Reverse buttons are placed in a satellite pod which is angled towards the driver for easy access. The lighter, more compact dashboard features extremely sporty air vents that are inspired by military jet air intakes.

The exterior was given its seductive styling in-house at the Ferrari styling center. The body takes design inspiration from the 458 Italia, the LaFerrari and also the 308 GTB. The large intakes on the sides allow air to reach the engine quicker while giving the car a fighter jet-like appearance. The front sports a new double spoiler that cools the front radiators. The three hinged flaps on the rear are part of Ferrari’s active aerodynamics that adjusts based on your speed.

Ferrari 488 GTB rental cost and availability

On average, the 488 cost $1,995 a day to rent. It would be our pleasure to make your exotic car rental experience a memorable one.