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The McLaren 650S Spider which is the worthy successor of the legendary McLaren F1 super car, is surely one of the most exotic looking vehicles to hit the road. The mechanical layout of its broad mid engine is not unusual among supercars but what distinguishes the McLaren MP4-12C from other supercars is its McLaren only technology. The McLaren 650S Spider has been further upgraded and tuned by the German tuning company Masonry and it goes without saying that riding a McLaren MP4-12C is like a dream fulfilment for many Americans even if it is just for a day. The twin turbo charged V8 engine which powers this super car has been tuned for maximum performance.

Its telematic touch screen would give you complete control over media, communications and entertainment. Its state of art navigation is further enhanced by the IRIS system and its seven speakers audio system by Meridian is sure to take your joy ride to the next level. Its turbo will kick, its engine would roar and its tires would stay true to its F1 heritage and take you on a ride to remember. A real competition to the Ferrari 458 Italia, the McLaren MP4-12C would make everything else on the road look uninteresting. This truly majestic car with all its power, style and charisma is the last word in technology, style, exclusivity and comfort.

The McLaren 650S Spider which has been termed as a super car has been specially designed to drive both like a damped saloon and a well bred racing car.  You should be forewarned that this car is not just meant to turn heads but it also has the capability of stopping traffics.  This car which has pushed all the boundaries of engineering, designing, luxury and comfort is all one takes to make the crowd stand still and create a terrific impact.